Hello Seven sisters

Already 5 days have passed in London. I've been meeting up with international friends for drinks, with buddies from France, hanging around the art galleries, the Covent Garden shops. It was all about enjoying the morning sunlight, smiling to the afternoon rain, and discovering the dalston night activities...

London is amazing to me. To be continued this afternoon with the Notting Hill Carnival, and next tuesday with my internship starting !

 myself - north east London

one of these houses is my new home!

necklace : Barbara Malewicz


gangsta breakfast

Hello everyone,
this morning post is one of my last ones written from France. In a few days, i'll keep posting, but from LONDON
I cant wait to share with you another fantastic british moments for a few months. However, i don't want to be confronted to the suitcase dilemma "WHAAT? no more space ? But i haven't even put half of my needs in there!"
for the moment, here's one other serie in my kind of relax/sporty mood, linked to the end of summer holidays i guess.


from La Rochelle with love

Hey guys, i'm back from my holidays in La Rochelle with friends, and I could tell you about the famous ice creams of La Martinière or Ernest, I could tell you about the amazing weather, the crazy games with my friends, how we laughed, how we partied, how we sunbathed, how we ate nice summer salads, but of course pictures will do it for me.

 La Rochelle port

summer salad

La Martinière Ice cream bar - Elise

La Martinière ice creams

St Martin - Ile de Ré

Cocktails! @les mauvais garçons


myself painting my nails on the beach


Maya, Elise, Geromine

last night out


Diva from MILAN

I was reading blogs (ok, i was mainly watching fashion pictures on blogs) when i found this photo.
First reaction ; i've got the same shirt ! Second reaction ; her hair's quite like mine, except shorter. Third reaction ; i'm bored. Fourth reaction ; would be fun to remake it !
source : jak & jil


Mallorca holidays

Cala d'or - Mallorca (angel fish tatoo!)
 Cala Marçal cocktail with white/black rum and banana - tie & dye braid
 Alexandra Cocktail - brandy, cacao cream and vanilla
 Cala Esmeralda - Mallorca - one of the hotel pools

 naked barbies sunbathing - sea

 around the hotel amenities