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SO, at WAD, when it's freezing, you put on some vintage big down jacket. and Then I had dinner at the new Brasserie Barbès in Paris (just to warm up)

THEN, to eliminate the fat ahah, I participated into the Reebok x LESMILLS at Le Grand Palais. A massive sporty and fun event.

 Picture with Perceval at the ephemeral Signature Bar by Grant's opening.

 Some treats at work...

Healthy dinner sometimes, and a homemade banana juice !

Breakfast on a rooftop !

and what a view...

Hard DRINKS with perceval (who's that chick ??) at the Aigle x Le slip français event.

Sneaks at home / Nike at home...



Carne Bollente is a young t-shirts brand, that is quickly rising and catching our eyes and curiosity. The mystery of their success is even thicker when you know they currently have no website, a Facebook account not so explicit as to the origin of the owners, but a sharpened sense of communication and humor. I met the hunk of the band, Felix Gesnouin.

TEXT AND PHOTOS : Aline Le Pennec

Hello Felix, can you introduce the Carne Bollente team?
My name is Felix Gesnouin. I studied at Olivier de Serres and at ENSCI, and I am a model with Elite agency. We are five guys working on Carne Bollente: I work with Agoston Palinko making drawings, Theodore Famery, Leo Jacques makes sounds -and he created Pocari Sweat- and I'm the guy who speaks fast and goes everywhere. It is based in Huit, since Theodore and Leo manage this place.

What was the idea behind this project?
This project was launched five months ago and it's crazy! Everything comes together at breakneck speed, it works to death. We did that with some Arts Deco & ENSCI pals and it works very well. We just relaunched 400 t-shirts, and there's even a guy from the New York Times who is gonna do a paper about us!

That's where the name comes from?
Carne Bollente means boiled meat. It is a porn movie from the 70s. We chose this because when you type this on google, you first find porn stuff, and then you find our website and we found it quite funny.

Will you do more than t-shirts?
We will edit other things yes, we'll do a micro magazine that will be a sort of fanzine ass. The idea is to be ultra corporate and do lots of collaborations, we're gonna initiate 4 collaborations with young people we spotted. We will also sell a t-shirt with a marble usb key; there will be a possibility to make a kind of occult sect linked to this shirt. This is our pal Pocari -who makes false Japanese music, and by the way he will play in Japan- who is going to make the sound on this USB key and it's pretty strikeout. We will also do bamboo embroidery, and fake leather shirts that you hang, fun stuff.

Why do you do embroidery that small?
We like to have small things, not too obvious... When you're in night clubs and you're a bit drunk, people don't understand what it is until they come closer! For now there are four models, and we will soon have new ones; lesbians, gay, threesome and SM! We will also decline black pieces, we're still working on it.

How do you produce these t-shirts?
For now everything is done in France, near Paris, but we will soon have to produce in Peru because of cotton. The production will grow and unfortunately we can no longer make the t-shirts in France. However we don't want to do the embroidery anywhere with anyone, so we'll still do it here.

Where can we find you?
We are just starting to have interesting outlets. It is distributed at Superstrat Belgium, Huit in Paris, colette just contacted us, two stores in New York are also fighting for us, and we are making an investment in Tokyo.



Second Swim Session guys !
And not the least...

Today we go SPAIN with Bimba y Lola, we go ITALY with Missoni, and we stay FRENCH with Panthéone !




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Swim baby swim

Summer is coming, right ? I'm under the impression that I'm writing this each post...

Well, here are my first 3 swimwear crushes for this season.
Two of them being BATOKO, and a delightful CLASHIST one.

Stay tuned for more...

The english eshop Batoko launches swimwear pieces that will delight the most original of you. Little Pony, cactus or palm leaves, colors fight each other with vivacity and the result is more than appealing.

Let's go to L.A. with brand Clashist. You may remember the pool printed and oil printed model that I shot sometimes. This time my heart stops on a fresh swimsuit, arty, and cute. All at once, it sounds like the description of a must-have.

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Spring is in, Summer is on, and I felt like shooting some hot summer vibe, from Les Néréïdes jewels, a lovely french family jewelry brand, to banana swimsuit !

 PHOTOS by talented Aline Le Pennec

necklace : LES NEREÏDES
swimsuit : BIMBA Y LOLA
skirt : TOPSHOP
sneakers : NIKE
socks : TABIO
sunnies : PERSOL



A few time ago I met Mathieu Lesca, currently managing the eyewear brand LESCA, in his parisian home and showroom. Founded in 1964 by Joël Lesca, the Parisian brand goes on, now managed by the founder's sons, Mathieu and Bertrand. The two brothers took their father's passion, who have them his love for the eyewear but also his know-how, making them pursue the primed work today.

This family business continues then to move forward, while respecting a home-made model. Indeed every frame has been made by 4 craftsmen opticians in a workshop, located in Jura for almost 100 years. Lesca keeps on showing a precious knowledge ; if a human-sized factory has the advantage to make very qualitative products, these models are also rare as only 120 glasses are produced by color. Based on their father's glasses collection, the two brothers also restore authentic and vintages models, strengthening even more the uniqueness of the brand.

This season, the brand unveils models with vintage inspirations, and a collaboration with young designer Gaëlle Constantini. We shot a small selection of this very attractive collection for WAD !

Photos by my beloved Christophe Idéal & Aline Le Pennec
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Hey there Air Max 1 Patch Pack / SAND !


breakfast: blueberry and acaï juice with DEAR MUESLI

MCM bracelet nicely customized by Mpywashere.