As I'm leaving my neighbourhood in a few days, it was the last time I could go to this wonderful bakery just next door. I bought this marvellous mille-feuilles to indulge in. Was so good. Oh my.



TEA TIME WITH : Lily Collett

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Where are you from ?
Tonbridge, Kent, South east of England.

Where did you study ?
London College of Fashion. BA Fashion design and technology: Surface Textiles

Would you say that was a good school ?
Yes, It gave me a good foundation in all aspects of fashion. 

What did your parents do for a lifetime ?
My mum is a teacher, and my dad is a printer in London. I have one elder sister who is a midwife. 

Could you tell me a little about your childhood ?
I had a great childhood, spending most my time playing and having fun with my friend Jess, who is still my best frined to this day. 

Have you always wanted to work in fashion

Not really, I've always wanted to do something creative, and used to enjoy all forms of arts and crafts. I got my first sewing machine when I was 12 and thats when I first became interested in making clothes for myself. 

What did you want to be when you were a child ?
When I was a young child I wanted to be a cartoon character, or a sweet shop owner. When I got older I wanted to be an interior designer. 

How would you define your style ?
My style changes most days. I wear what I like and never follow trends. Always Colourful, charity shop finds. 

What inspires you ? 
Anything vintage and retro. 

Is it hard to find your place into the fashion field ???
Yes, I dont feel I have just yet but am happy with my progress so far.

Is it still quite hard to get known and appreciated for your work ?
Social media seems to work really well, and within two months of setting up my brand I was sending my first lot of coords to Australia. 

What city in the world attracts you most ?

Wherelse in the world would you like to live ?
I'm hoping to be able to travel soon and then decide from there. 

If you had to give a fashion advice to anyone down the street, what would it be ?
Dress for yourself.

Is there something you dislike about fashion ? 
No, I like all aspect of fashion, which is why I enjoy working for myself and creating my pieces from design, to fabric sourcing, to pattern cutting and finally  making the garments. 

Do you have anything really important in your life, apart from fashion

Family, Friends and my cat Colin.