Xmas / Cold streets / hot dogs

Some news from now and then those days in Paris, getting cold guys, getting cold !

champs elysées Christmas market !

 Christmas market / Petit Palais

 Folie beanie / Place de la Concorde





Last sunday we went to the Miss Dior exhibition at the Grand Palais, on one of the first opening days. Luckily, it was not too crowded, we had a lovely time wandering around the artworks, whereas now it's like 1hour queuing to get there during the weekend ! (but don't be scared, go and do it ! it's worth it)

It's such a lovely, girly, sweety exhibition, where different female artists are showing their art, related to the Miss Dior perfume.

 signing the golden book in a lovely princess room kind of place

Marine and I inside an installation
that day we also went to the Masculin Masculin exhibition at Musée d'Orsay, and shot this.



Some two weeks ago, my mother came to Paris to send the weekend with me.
There's no need to precise I'm very close to my mum, and we had such a good time. I haven't had time to share those pics until now so there we go!

 Wandering around Paris, 5th arrondissement

 TEA TIME/ Kusmi Tea tea room @Champs Elysées

 ok, the cook burnt my crepe

Almond green tea and Euphoria please !





Today, let's meet the people behind StarStyling label !

I've discovered their work through a special "Berlin Showroom" that happened in Paris a few weeks ago.

Read my related article on WAD.

What's your name ?
Kai Seidfried.

Where are you from ?
Southern germany.

Any fun memories fashion related or anything ?
We created the `holo´ghosts, its a costume, you are covered completely in holographic foil, you can see from inside out but not the other way around and we have a sound system under the foil. We went with it to several places even at minus 20 degrees we showed up in hesink. Its an art-work playing with covering, hiding, irritating.. 

We are taking them to Japan with us this month to make some more memories. 

Have you always wanted to work in fashion ?
It was not planned, we previously worked as art department for commercials and things just lead us this way. 

Why did you call your label Starstyling ?
Our name was written on a pizza box.

How would you define your style ?
It's about fun, surprise and playing with the elements. 
Fashion is a medium for us to show our talents, thoughts, doubts, fears, fantasies and needs. 
We love playing with classic shapes and twisting them around while splashing colour and humor on it. 

What inspires you ?
Structures, people, music, graphics, art, berlin, our friends, our son `buck´and dog ´jessica`

Is it hard to find your place into the fashion field ? Is it still quite hard to get known and appreciated for your work ?
We believe in love it or leave it. 

What role do you consider young designers have nowadays?
Pushing boundaries, challenging those around them.

What city in the world attract you most ? Wherelse in the world would you like to live ?
China or Korea. We have many fans there. 

What food in the world do you prefer ?
German food is lecker. 

How does the perfect day look like for you ?
Walking Jessica, having a nice breakfast with Katja and everything running smoothly. 

What designers inspire you most ?
Too many.. 

What's your favourite garment ?
Megaworld Bag or really anything that glows in the dark! 

If you had to give a fashion advice to anyone down the street, what would it be ?
Stay true to yourself. 

Do you have anything really important in your life, apart from fashion? (someone, another passion, a hobby, animals, whatever!)
My wife katja, my son Buck, my Dog Jessica & all my friends/family. MUSIC.