TEA TIME WITH / Kirsty Ward

For those who've been following me for quite a long time, you'll remember (maybe?) that I've been interning for Young designer Kirsty Ward, who graduated from Central Saint Martins a few years ago.

 She's a lovely person, and her work is very special. I just wanted to interview her for WAD Mag, and let you discover her newest collection. /Read my related article on WAD/

What did your parents do for a lifetime ? Could you tell me a little about your childhood ?
Both my parents are really hard working, my mum is a hairdresser and my dad is a carpenter. I grew up in a small town in Oxfordshire called Faringdon. My childhood was nice and easy going.

Any sisters or brothers ?
I have one brother who is older than me called Toby, he has his own business in London.

Any fun memories fashion related or anything ?
I have a very random memory of my entire family being dressed up as gnomes - even my grandparents. I thought this was something I had made up, but it turns out we did actually do this on a holiday when I was a child!

Have you always wanted to work in fashion ? What did you want to be when you were a child ?
I wanted to work in fashion from a young age, although I also liked the idea of becoming a vet as I love dogs, but the thought of putting them down put me off.

How important is the jewelry for you ? Why is it something that you like to add to your collections?
I find jewellery really fun and definitely an important aspect in my collections, not only for styling but also in the form of embellishment/embroidery. It can also add a strong look to the classics already in someone's wardrobe.

Was it hard to find your place into the fashion field ? Is it still quite hard to get known and appreciated for your work ?
I think when you work out your signature/handwriting in design that is what you become known for, and people want to buy into it.
A lot of people still ask me if my label is brand new but I've now actually been going for 7 seasons, I'm never going to be as well known as Calvin Klein, I'm more of an insider brand.

What role do you consider young designers have nowadays ?
You have to be an innovator and forward thinker, also as a young designer you have to be a website designer, a delivery man, a PR, a salesman, an advertisement for your brand - you can't just be a designer, there are so many other roles included.

Do you think London is the best place for fashion? Or for young designers ? Would you like to live and work in Paris, or Milan ?
London definitely has the best design schools that leads on to it having great ideas in young designers. I've worked in Italy before when I designed for Alberta Ferretti, so that's ticked off my list, I would work in Paris but I do love London as its now my home.

What food in the world do you prefer ??
I really love aperitivo time in Italy when they serve great snacks with your after work drinks. I'm also a big fan of olives.

How would you define your style ? What are your inspirations?
Minimal verses maximal - contradiction and balance is key. Inspirations often come from the mundane mixed with a little sci-fi.

If you had to give a fashion advice to anyone down the street, what would it be ?
Don't wear Ugg boots/don't be mundane/don't always buy fast cheap fashion.

Is there something you dislike about fashion ?
I love most things about fashion, although I would love to have more sleep at the end of a collection, but time generally gets too short and my working hours turn to 10am - 4am, that can sometimes be evil, but everything else I love!