TEA TIME WITH : Argyle and Oxford

Hey Guys ! Today let's meet Velda and Rebecca, two Young designers who launched their fashion label after graduating in Indonesia ! I'm wearing some of their designs on this look, and I'm just so in love with their imagination and their universe !
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Where are you located ?
We are located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Where did you study ?
We both studied in Lasalle College International Jakarta
Would you say that was a good school ?
It was fun and provide us a really good connection in the fashion industry

Any fun memories fashion related or anything ?
Fun memories, maybe it is when we started to create the brand. We start sketching to create the character we wanted and then we came up with lots of cute doodles of little animals, we named each of the character, draw clothes on them and try to resemblance the character to ourselves and our friends, it was fun and it was the beginning of our brand.

There's also one time when we are trying out to meet some buyers to carry our stuff. It was our first time. we mumble when we are explaining about our brand and collection. at that time we feel so stupid and immature and also kind of regret it. but then if you never try, you will never learn. But now, when we remind of it, we laughed. it was funny actually. we both look like two morons walking around making clothes..

Why do you like fashion ? Have you always wanted to work in fashion ?
Why we like fashion? its thrilling, it's never constant, we can experiment and we are allowed to create things, in fashion there is no boundaries. really, when you think of it things that actually is really horrible can be so "in" in another time and trends. people also defines fashion and beauty in a very different way. Its the way we see it through our eyes. There's no exact wrong or right which makes it sometimes confusing but it's so fun and hard to resist. 
Have we always wanted to work in fashion?
Velda : I always wanted to work in design industry but never quite know which then fashion just sort of happened to me. I get into it and the more i learn the more i want to know and the more i never want to leave it. Now, its just so hard to imagine myself not doing fashion.
Rebecca : I always knew i want to have a clothing label. It is just the one thing i imagine myself to do since i was little. My mother have a small clothing store. so i grew up looking at clothes. I don't know what would i do if it's not making clothes.
Is there anything else you would have liked to become , when you were a child ?
Velda : i want to become a product designer when finally i design and sew my own clothes, that's when i find what i want to do.
Rebecca : i always want to become the owner of clothing label. 
Why did you call your label Argyle and Oxford ?
We love the Argyle pattern and Oxford shoes. And when you wear the argyle pattern socks with the traditional oxford shoes, they create a classic but quirky look. We feel it suits us. we are classic, old fashioned sometimes and quirky.

How would you define your style ?
Basic with a twist. it is a bit classic and preppy but also there always some quirks, some details that makes it look different.
What inspires you ?
people, nature mostly things up in the sky and space, food of course cause we both like a starving teenagers. Cute little stuffs like notes and pencils, also the lifestyle of people in different places.
Is it hard to find your place into the fashion field ?
We think we kind of get lucky. When we launched the brand it was instant to get attention and local buyers. I think we get the right moment to start this kind of label here (in indonesia). But now at this time, its a bit harder.

What city in the world attract you most ? Wherelse in the world would you like to live ?
London and Tokyo. We think London is best, there's so many people there, with very different and quirky sometimes weird style. But Tokyo is so amazing and hard to resist. the tradition of the people and the insanity of their brain. we wish we are Japanese who are living in London and travelling the world..
What food in the world do you prefer ?
Nutella, hahaha or maybe indonesian instant noodle, its the best food in the world. very simple, so good and very unhealthy too.
You have lots of food prints in your collections, are you a food addict ?
Its actually just because of the season, we try to come up with something simple but fun. but yes we do love food. and we love junk foods. 
How does the perfect day look like for you ?
Its cold, light rain, thick blanket and we are in bed sleeping listening to music and have no urge to wake up. it's perfect.

What designers inspire you most ?
A lot. name like Philip Lim, Christopher kane, Alex Wang, Henry Holland, Jeremy Scott, Anna sui in miu miu, Marc Jacobs. Some brands like fleamadonna or Opening ceremony or jil sander and celine, or some new designers we always found in Tokyo fashion week or seoul fashion week.

What's your favourite garment ?
Velda : loose dresses, oversizetops and skirts
Rebecca : Outers, jumpers and trousers

If you had to give a fashion advice to anyone down the street, what would it be ?
Wear the things you love and looks good on you. things that makes you feel happy and secure.

Is there something you dislike about fashion ?
probably the lifestyle of the fashion industry, its just too demanding, judgemental sometimes also sometimes fake and it makes people very insecure. 

fashion also looks very glamorous but when you are inside it it is not that glamorous, we just hate it when people only judge fashion by the lifestyle and looks they see. Fashion is actually much more than just looking good, making pretty clothes and wearing it. It's hardwork and a never ending one.