I was invited to discover the Carnaby area in London, by the Sister Agency.

First, we had a cup of tea at the Detix Cafe, and then started visiting Lazy Oaf's shop.

my buddy for two days : a fish eye lomo camera !

we had lunch and cocktails in a seafood restaurant called Wright Brothers Soho

then manicure and champagne at the Benefit shop in Carnaby !

All pink.

We tried the hot chocolates at the amazing Choccywoccydoodah chocolate factory !
Everything is 100% belgian chocolate, their cakes are stunning, the hot chocolates are served with marshmallows and whipped cream. I'm guilty.

Day 2. breakfast at the Soho Grind. A new cosy place with loads of nice pastries.

I had my make up done by an artist at ILLAMASQUA boutique.

This is Year Zero, a crazy shop for all Nicki Minaj fans. They sell blingbling stuff and colourful accessories.

we had lunch at the Rum Kitchen Carnaby, a place specialised in caribbean food ! Yummy.

Then we had tea at Camelia's tea house in Kingly Court.

Along with scones and macarons of course... We tried the "skinny bitch" tea and the "beautiful skin" one.

We ended having some Crafternoon tea at Whyte and Brown. Cider instead of tea, tartines and tarts instead of the usual tea cakes !

And then it was time to leave... Byebye Thuy An and thank you for having me discover all those things !

Stay tuned for the complete review in next WAD Magazine !