Give me studs give me pearls

Today I wanna introduce Justine Clenquet's No Future collection.

For those who wouldn't know her yet, Justine is a young jewelry designer who studied at ESAAT Roubaix, then to the ESAA Duperré in Paris. Very young but highly creative, she launched her eponymous label in 2010, revisiting the cultures and ethnic codes of many societies in the world with a contemporary and innovative vision. Everything is made by hand, in her workshop in France, where she works palladium, pale gold, gold brass, glass or Swarovski beads.

NO FUTURE is a dip inside the punk universe, twisted with elegance and classic touches. So I could do nothing but LOVE this. Our grandmothers' pearls come to contrast with SM evocations through a crew neck collar, absolutely attractive. The studs become pale gold, and are made out of pastel shades, soft, always in opposition with the initial trashy side of the punk universe.