Today I want to tell you about a new juices label out there in Paris. It is called Juice Lab. And it's pure wonder. Really.
Products are fresh like paradise, it's also the reason why they can't deliver to far destinations, you'll have to come to Paris to try them !

They are doing fruits and vegetables juices, mixed with some superfood ingredients, like Chia or pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, curcuma...

I am a strong fan of super juices like this, and those ones are certainly the best i've had.

Perfect match : matcha tea, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, cardamone, vanilla and agave syrup.
Date me : almond, bee pollen, cinnamon, nutmeg, medjool date.

Eat clean i must say.

Wake me up : Orange, jasmin tea, grapefruit, litchi, lemon, rosemary, mint.
Forever Young : beetroot, pomegranate, grape, orange.
King kale : pineapple, kale, Granny apple, spinach, ginger.

And is it good ?