I don't mean i'm becoming vegetarian - though i don't really eat meat, anyway - but like i'm becoming a vegetable, with legs and arms, while testing those Juice Delight beverages.

Yes, but a greedy veggie. Those are yummy man!

Juice Delight suggests you a complete break in your eating habits, with detox cures that you can pursue for 3 to 19 days - sounds like a lot indeed, but the products are actually so tasty, it might not be that difficult -.

What's more, Juice Delight is not only about juices. Indeed, during your cure, you can also add some healthy snacks that the brand has prepared for you. I've tried the cucumber and falafel salad, the lentils salad, and the delicious tapioca mix for breakfast.

That's a real yummy experience. Raw food specialists make the recipes. I've tried mixes from spinach/lemon/watermelon/apple to apple/celery/lemon/cucumber/spinach or ginger/orange/carrot/grapefruit.

They also have a pretty yummy version of almond milk, cashew nut, mapple syrup and cinnamon. My favourite.

Every bottle comes in two different sizing, big and small one.


Thanks a lot Juice Delight for having me try this fantastic cure. I recommand it , and will probably order once again soon...