today , let's have a little chat with Young designer Jamie Wei Huang  !
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Where are you from ?
I am from Taiwan and based in London 

Where did you study ?

Central Saint Martins

Would you say that was a good school ?

I think CSM is one of the best fashion design school in the world and I was very lucky.
It has the best training, not only for the skills and knowledge they teach you, but also for the good atmosphere and the opportunity to learn independently.

What did your parents do for a lifetime ? My mom is a painter, she paints Chinese Opera masks.


Could you tell me a little about your childhood ?
I was very independent. My mother gave me her support and encouraged me to draw. She gave me a lot of freedom.

Any fun memories fashion related or anything ?

I’ve completed a Fine art and sculpture program for my foundation, so I treat design as a part of it. I think it is always fun when I’m working on my projects. It’s something I love.

Have you always wanted to work in fashion ? 

I think it is not different from fine art or sculpturing. Just the materials are changing. 

What did you want to be when you were a child ?
A painter and then, quickly, a fashion designer

You work a lot with stones, is there a reason ?

I’m very inspired by the development of Op Art an art form that plays with geometric forms and irritating effects. My fine art back ground gave me a different  view, enabling me to distinguish myself from others. To me, there is no difference between fashion and art. I see fashion as traditional sculpturing and I create three dimensional.  

How would you define your style ?

I think it is elegant and strong at the same time 

What inspires you ?

Confident women 

Is it hard to find your place into the fashion field ? 

As long as I believe in my art, I don’t think it’s hard. You have to be convinced you can be part of this world

Is it still quite hard to get known and appreciated for your work ?
I think it is working quite well for me so far. I have lots of press and people who love my collection. As a young designer I get a lot of support from the outside.

What city in the world attracts you most ?
London !

Wherelse in the world would you like to live ? Nowhere else

If you had to give a fashion advice to anyone down the street, what would it be ?
If they are happy with their style, I’m happy too !

Is there something you dislike about fashion ?
People who follow the trends too much

Do you have anything really important in your life, apart from fashion ?
Art and design