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From time to time I'll try to publish some young designer's interviews that I've done.

Here is the article related to this interview on WADMAG.

Where did you study ?

London College of Fashion

Where are you from ? Tell me a little about your life.

I was born and grew up in Hong Kong until I was 16, then I moved to London to study Fashion.

Have you always known you wanted to work in fashion ? If not, what did you want to do before that, and how came your passion for fashion?

I've always liked the idea of wedding gowns and suff, my mum kept her wedding dress. I love clothes, I've always liked dressing up, but making clothes was not my dream. I didn't know fashion existed actually until I was 14 or 15.
I wanted to be a singer actually but my voice changed. So after high school, my mum suggested fashion to me. I could choose between staying in Hong Kong or moving to London for a BA, so I picked London. When I was 17 or 18, I found out Zara was NOT a designer brand and H&M's M is not McCartney, and I finally pronounced Chanel correctly, not as Channel! So I came so far.

Why did you use the animals iconography in your latest collection ?

I am a massive fan of sylvanian families. I used to play them when I was a child. This season, my girls are preparing themselves as homemakers/the perfect housewives before they meet a special someone. The idea is to build a fantasy home sweet home. So, I started thinking maybe that could be a Sylvanian mansion where Hansel and Gretel's live, like a candy sugar rush mad house.

You're part of Fashion East. Do you plan to launch your own label any soon ? Is it difficult for young designers to do this ?

I launched my label already! Yes, it's very difficult for young designers to do that, because it's not just creating clothes. You need to have knowledge in a lot of different areas, art of course, music, film,contemporary culture, Pop culture. Fashion knowledge, castings, journalists, stylists name...and their work; and slowly make yourself important and necessary, and really try to enter their world. It's all social really and these things take time, you need to get introduced to the right people at the right time. Besides, there is also the business side. Cash flow, cost, production... You can't learn these things if not from first own experiences, even with Fashion East, BFC and CFE's mentoring help, it's still really hard.

Do you think London is the best place for young designers ?
Yes, London is amazing. Especially with the new BFC chairlady Natalie Massenet (I love her btw), young London Fashion designers are becoming more business minded. Their clothes are not about being a rebel anymore, the collections are a lot more wearable, sellable. So buyers are coming to London now. When there is money in town, it changes everything. There is a new positive energy in London. People are finally making a living by selling clothes and everyone is working really hard trying to continue that. It's a new era now :)

Do you have any other hobby that, in a way, reappears in your work ?

I love Sex and the City, So I try my best to reflect that in my work every season. I think the series are very international and timeless, classic!
Can't believe its has been almost 20 years now. SS14 is a bit casual Carrie with a young early season Charlotte!

How would you define your style ?

Pretty, feminine and Girly.

If you had to give an advice to fashion design students, what would it be ?
Know what you want in life. Not just fashion. Fashion is so time consuming, and it can be quite lonely and depressing. Quit before it's too late.
Blogs, Twitter and Facebook or shopping won't make you a better designer. The new generation has to work extra extra hard and ask for perfection and excellency! You also need to learn when to let go and compromise, but at the end of the day it's all hard work, unless you are super rich and very beautiful at the same time.

What's your vision of fashion ?

Toys and Candy for adults!

If you had to give an advice related to style to anyone down the street?
Women in flip flops are not forgivable! I'm Sorry!