So, Thanks to lovely Stéphanie - aka Ma demoiselle Pierre - , I had one fabulous lunch a few times ago.

A FRICHTI lunch. So at first, I thought I would have a lunch from the North of France (because we're called " Chtit ")
but - thanks God - , it was not about that.

Frichti is simple and oh so good. You can order what you feel like directly on their website, the menu
goes live, and you can choose whatever you want - soup, quiche, salad, dessert, snacks -.

But not only, indeed if you feel like redecorating your kitchen, you kind buy those suppa cute plates, created by illstrator
Melody Leblond.
I received the package in a sweet gunny bag, with flowers.

A good idea and a super delightful moment.

I chose a feta and chickpeas salad, a chestnut soup, a green vegetables quiche, and a slice of lemon cake for dessert.